Can she organize disjoint purchasing group members?!
Challenge Story 1:
Can she organize disjoint purchasing group members?!

Chapter 1. Joining and re-entering the company

About one year after I joined NIIKURA as an accounting personnel,
I thought that I would like to work in medical organizations and consulted the president.
The president said, "Try it, even if you quit NIIKURA, you can come back again anytime, please say hello if you see me in town."
That became my turning point, I started working as a dental assistant. However, the action that I think is good is not accepted there.
I suffer from human relations, I consulted with a woman senior at NIIKURA who I respect, respectful and respected before.
It seems that she told the president about it, and the president contacted me, "If you are having such a hard feeling, return to NIIKURA and take an active part."

Chapter 2. Which department do you want to work?


The president asked "Which division do you want?" I answered "purchasing group". When I was in the accounting department, I had many interactions with purchasing groups, and
Because in the manufacturing industry, the first step of "manufacturing" is started at a purchasing group, so I was interested.
Speaking of the work of the purchasing group, ordering parts and materials to suppliers.
When I actually start working, the names of the items I know are quite a little and seldom I know.
There are many kinds of bolts and nuts, and many specialized parts, and I was surprised by this new world.
I studied the book of "JIS standards" or asked senior employees for knowledge.


Chapter 3. Witnessing the Misery

"Purchasing group only bought useless things!"
"If parts do not come, we can not proceed with production!"

The purchasing group when I entered was terrible.
If there are some problems it may be said that the purchasing group was the most problematic department in the company so far as the cause.
Delay of delivery items, delays in handling to the company · · ·, mistakes occur as weekly, and not improved at all.
I thought that the fundamental factor was lack of communication.
If we informed the members in the department firmly, order mistakes would not have occurred,
Even if there was a sudden correspondence request, we should have cooperated with each other if it was told the members ....
The purchasing group has many individuality persons, and even though they seem to have a firm opinion of themselves,
no system has been established to express it, so nobody talks.
That was the situation.

Chapter 4. Real Challenge in Purchasing Group

"Would you like to be a organizer of purchasing groups?"
In the second year after entering the purchasing group, I got these words from the president. "You are the only one who can organize them."

When I think about it, I kept writing my thoughts in my daily report every day,
such as lack of communication within the group and points I wanted to improve.
The president sometimes gave me comments on my opinion, through the "exchange diary" in the daily report,
he would have thought about letting me a organizer role.

From that point, it was the beginning of my real challenge.

at factory

Chapter 5. Members' kindness

Without knowledge, I became a position to put together the department, so I was full of impatience at the beginning.
"I can not do anything yet to teach, what should I do ...", I was suffering by embracing the problems alone.
My lack of knowledge" has become "no confidence". "Whenever you have problems, please come to consult me anytime", because the president was saying so,
I often went to consult and cried unintentionally. By seeing it, the members said to me, "Even without knowledge, you do not need to blame yourself, because we know that you can not organize us alone from the beginning.
We will follow you well, so do not embracing the problems alone."
This word blew away my insecurity and impatience.
After that, I became to be able to think, "It is OK if we can improve each other better".

Chapter 6. Please talk even about small things

I know that "reporting" between members is important in business.
But when we say "report", I feel like reporting trouble or something "big thing like I have to say".
With this, I think it will be reported only "after" something happened, and it would not be a fundamental solution.
Even things that are not "reported", each member should be acting with their own "thoughts" and "ideas".
Ignoring it and instructing them unilaterally, they will not be motivated.
I want to cherish the feeling that everyone wants to "do what they want to do".
So I told the members that
"If you have "small questions or problems," "what should I do", "I want them to do this", or whatever, please say to me."
After that, the members who really like to talk came to talk about anything as if weeded off.
Sometimes, we had discussions for as long as two hours to talk how we could improve.

Chapter 7. The gap with the "purchasing group" I imagined

The other point I wanted to improve was information exchange with the suppliers.
The "purchasing group" that I had imagined was that we were meeting with the trader everyday, but at that time there was almost no consultation and it seemed like only our requests were made unilaterally by telephone or e-mail.
We did not know the business rules or circumstances of each trader, nor did we even try to know about it.

So, I decided to start with knowing each other first.
That way, I could build a good relationship that is not unilateral.
Since I was sorely hurt by human relationships when I got a job change in the past, I know the importance of human relations more than anyone else.

Increasing the frequency of meetings and listening to them made me see a lot of things.
For example, the flow of the industry. Since the casting to be made into a product is a mass of metal, the price is inevitably affected by the market price.
They became to tell us the information on when it is time to buy.
Their companys' internal organization is also important information.
By listening to the information beforehand that the number of people will decrease, we try to order according to the situation of the opponent,
like "if we order earlier, they can prolong the delivery date" etc.
By doing so, even when it came to that we need urgent parts, they manage to deliver to us.
"To keep good relationships", the president always talks, "it is important to be mutually beneficial (Win-Win) ".

Chapter 8. Achievements and the future

Half years have passed since becoming an organizer.
The members' conversation evolved greatly from "Why is this like this" or "I want this to be done" to "Why don't we do like this?"
The atmosphere is getting better, and it seems that sense of responsibility comes out little by little.
More than anything, the strength is that the cooperative system has been created!
Once a week, at the department meeting where the president also participats, the president said "the Purchasing group has the most constructive opinion". I will continue to value communication and to play the role of a pipe that allows people inside the company to move smoothly. By aiming at "good for everyone" which can bring benefits to customers, suppliers and NIIKURA as well.


Graduated from general course
Born in Shizuoka prefecture
Hobbiy: drawing pictures. How to spend holidays: Shopping
Motto: People also reflect their own mind (appearance) as the mirror mirrors the figure of myself.