WORK1: Marine Products
Dominate the World with Marine Products. ・・・What is “Marine Product”?
1. Dominate the World with Marine Products.
・・・What is “Marine Product”?
Air Vent Head

The irreplaceable products which affect the safe operation of ships

Marine Products are the essential equipments for ships to sail. Such as anchor, and all the other fine parts....
NIIKURA manufactures very important products that affect the safe operation of ships.
For example, a valve to prevent the rupture or damage of a tank.

If the pressure inside the fuel and other tanks becomes higher or lower due to some reason,
there is a possibility that serious damage such as rupture or breakage of the tank may occur.
It is the valve of NIIKURA that keeps this at the proper pressure.

Besides, the valve ''Flame Arrester'', made by NIIKURA, prevents inflammation into the tank when fire occurs due to lightning strikes and the like.
Various NIIKURA products in the harsher environment than land are playing the role of withstanding wind snow and protecting safety.

Air Vent Head

NIIKURA products are active in such vessels.



300 Thousands ton-VLCC

LNG · LPG carrier

LNG · LPG carrier

"LPG JET EDUCTOR" is manufactured only in NIIKURA in the world

Container Ship

Container Ship


Coast Guard patrol boat

Japan Coast Guard patrol boat

It appeared in the movie "Umizaru".

Maritime Self Defense Force escort ship

Maritime Self Defense Force escort ship


car carrier

Car Carrier

6000 to 7000 cars can be loaded

Work2: Plant Products
2. Protect infrastructure with Plant Products.  ・・・What kind of “Plant Products”?
2. Protect infrastructure with Plant Products.
・・・What kind of “Plant Products”?

The essential products that plays an active part in ensuring safety

Plants in which NIIKURA products play an active role are oil tanks, natural gas, LPG tanks, petroleum tanks,
In addition, thermal power plants, nuclear power plants, chemical products and pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities in various places.

To prevent the tank from bursting or being damaged and leaking inside liquid or gas outside,
The valves of NIIKURA are indispensable existence.
NIIKURA products support the facilities essential for the improvement of infrastructure in Japan.
Not only in the factory but also in the lives of all of you,
NIIKURA's "strainer" devices that remove liquid dust and rust are active. Yokohama Minato Mirai 21 area and Marunouchi office area (Tokyo), Tokyo Midtown, Tokyo Disney Resort, Roppongi Hills (Tokyo),
NIIKURA Products are helping to conserve the well-known huge commercial facilities, high-rise buildings, office districts, air conditioning facilities such as power plants and ironworks, and water.


NIIKURA products work at such facilities

Tank for petroleum / LNG / LPG

Tank for petroleum / LNG / LPG


Chemical & Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Facilities

power plant

Thermal power plant, Nuclear power plant

Tokyo Disneyland

Water conservation in Tokyo Disneyland

Yokohama Minato Mirai Landmark Tower

Air Conditioning Facility in Yokohama Minato Mirai Landmark Tower

Tokyo Marunouchi

Air Conditioning Facility in Tokyo Marunouchi Office area

WORK3: Spray Nozzles
3. Spray nozzle for various purposes · · · What is spray nozzle?
3. Spray nozzle for various purposes
· · · What is "spray nozzle"?
spray nozzles

Activated in various scenes such as washing / cooling / disaster prevention / humidification

Spray nozzles are the instrument that spray gas or liquid in shapes according to the application.
NIIKURA contributes to various industries with various high-performance spray nozzles.
For example, a major drink factory. NIIKURA's spray nozzles are used for washing in the beverage product tanks,
They are helping to wash huge tanks everyday.

They are used for disaster prevention at Narita airport and Haneda airport, and for cooling at nuclear power plants,
They play roles of protecting human life and property so as not to cause serious damages.

Recently, as a countermeasure against the hot summer heat, mist shower which generates fine mist in public facilities etc. is installed everywhere.
This is also the NIIKURA product.
Furthermore, the agriculture field. Do you know that growing vegetables and fruits in plant factories is increasing recently?
NIIKURA's spray nozzles are also active for moisturizing in the plant factories.
NIIKURA's spray nozzles will accelerate not only in the industrial field but also in future industries such as the environment and agriculture.

spray nozzles