A Way Appears Behind You. Be a Leader of the world Srandards.

Imagine. You are now going to sail from the harbor.
A big sea is spreading ahead of your eyes. A wide, wide ocean.
You can not see a way in front of you. But let's move on towards your destination.
You will know that if you do not challenge yourself, you will not be able to advance in this wide ocean.
Even if you continue to challenge yourself to approach your goal and reach there,
You will know that the sun is still ahead.
While you do so, look behind and see what's there, you should be able to see your trace that you passed.
And around you, there are companions to move forward together with the same heart as you.
Do not be afraid of failure, let's try doing it!
Don't warry. We are prepared of a robust ship. We will not let you fail unnecessarily.
Would you challenge the limits of your talent on this stage where you can realize that you are alive?
You shall be a leader to make your own way.

Major in literature, Bachelor of Arts
Born in Tokyo, Japan.

He is a righteous person from he was a little child. Even someone is older than him, if the thing is not correct, he won't be doubt to correct.
He was interested in journalism to make use of his own sense of justice to society and advanced to the department of literature in the university.

After he graduated from university, he worked for an IT company as a salesperson. The sales concept which he learned are still effective in nowadays.
He joined NIIKURA in 2004, and inaugurated as CEO in 2006.
Motto:Festina lente.(Make haste slowly. )