We create a strong company that lives forever. Due to the hope that all the staff can work happily.
We create a strong company that "lives forever".
Due to the hope that all the staff can work happily.
We are seeking and nurturing the following manpower under the belief of important "property".

1. Although you may fail, it's better than regretting without doing it.

Life is not long. It is faster than you guys think right now.
Don't you think it is a waste of time being afraid of failure and doing nothing? Of course, everyone is anxious about doing a new thing. That would be the same for all. The difference is whether you can proceed further from there or not. Only by acting, that anxiety can not be solved. Step by step, overcome current yourself and grow to become newer one. And your growth is equal to be the growth of the company.

2. Think yourself a leader.

We want you to be a person with leadership.
With hearing such a thing, you may think that "I do not have leadership ..."
But actually, there is absolutely no need to think like that.
Because true 'leadership' is 'acquired' thing which can be learned and demonstrated by everyone, depending on your own motivation.
As same as "work", leadership is it is what you can earn by training and experiencing while studying daily.
You do not have to think difficult. Before you take action, just think '' How to be better, How to achive the destination, and How to do?''.
Isn't it easier than you image?
However, there may be situations that do not go so simple.
In such a case, consult with the members in the company.
Everyone is a member who has experienced such situations.
A better world will be there than just thinking alone.

3. From the young age you can and play active globally on stage of NIIKURA

NIIKURA products are used all over the world, so called "world NIIKURA".
For ship equipment, it is not an exaggeration to say that NIIKURA is a company that makes "world standards".
So, where you aim is not the best in Japan, but 'the world's best'.
There are various people in the world. Have a wide field of vision.
And when you enter NIIKURA, have the pride that "We support logistics and infrastructure around the world."
Being able to work with pride should be a very happy thing on work.

Our young power is also playing an active role on the stage of NIIKURA now at this moment. Now, next is your turn.


Recruitment Project Manager Teruhiko Katsuura's profile
Graduated from Toyo University
Major in Legal Studies
Born in Chiba, Japan.
Hobby: Fishing(There're many places good for fishing around NIIKURA in Gotemba.)
Motto: Vicissitudes of life