Developing Engineer
Creating a new “possibility of demand” by  “looking-ahead” the needs of the society and people.
Creating a new “possibility of demand” by
“looking-ahead” the needs of the society and people.

Development of "Spray Nozzle System" that is expected to expand sales channels.

A spray nozzle is an attachment tool for spraying a fluid such as gas or liquid.
It is active in a wide variety of places from the industrial use of factories to private use.
For private use, Have you seen the mist shower, that is installed at the station, theme park, etc., gives people a cool atmosphere in the hot summer.
This is exactly what I'm doing from development and performance testing to sometimes even installation.

In addition, I have engaged in the development of spray nozzles for industrial use in factories
and for suppressing dust of combustion pellets at a thermal power plant.
It sprays air or chemicals in order to efficiently remove the products pressed by a mold from the mold,
and injects water at an optimum amount and angle.
Depending on the application, the performance required for spray nozzles varies.
Also, listening to the customer's usage sometimes notices me "It can be used in such a way!"

The interesting parts of spray nozzle development are to be able to widen the field of view,
and also to lead to sales by expanding the new sales channels depending on the development
because the range of application is infinite.

I am worried about whether a new product unit under development will sell or not, so ...!

Development Engineer

Currently I am assigned to develop a completely new spray nozzle unit.
It is an epoch-making effort that there is little know-how inside the company.
So I am eager to get the know-hows, new knowledges and information!
I would like to go to the exhibition, but I have not been invited...

Therefore, I contacted the manufacturer of parts that we would like to use by all means when the new unit becomes commercialized.
Finally, they invited me to the exhibition!!

At that exhibition, I was able to get useful information from various manufacturers!

Also, I learned that there is a shop that introduced product units developed by other companies,
so I wanted to know the effect and visited there immediately.
However, when I visited, they had already stopped using it.
It was disappointing, but if I had returned without doing anything, it should have been a waste of the visiting time.
I want the spray unit I develop to be absolutely useful for people, and to sell well!
To that end, failure examples are good references.

While asking for showing the neglected unit,
"Why did you stop using it?"
"How can people continue using it?"
I asked about such information as hints for development, sales and keeping using it all the time.

On the way back, I said "I will come here first if this becomes a product!"

Development Engineer

Challenge to the unknown world.

Development Engineer

I had longed for engineers since when I was a student.
Therefore, I wanted to do a job of sending out products developed by myself to the world.
While visiting various companies through job hunting,
I felt attraction to the company which develop and sell in-house. And I found NIIKURA.
I have been a car lover, but I was more interested in the "marine products"
which are unknown field for me as my work.

However, I was not convinced myself to develop the product without knowing them,
so I asked the president at the interview,
"I would like to work as a development staff, but I want to master processing and assembling,
and get a product knowledge at the Manufacturing Department beforehand."
The request was accepted, so I decided to join NIIKURA.

Indeed, the technique and knowledge I acquired at the site is now very useful in the work of development!
After the transfer from the Manufacturing Department to the Development Department,
I was given the responsibility to develop spray nozzles that NIIKURA will continue to focus more on.

And now I am also developing on a system including electric control.
I am originally strong in mechanical systems, but now while studying about electricity,
organizing a control program myself, and sending days of trial and error.

Don't be afraid in the ignorant field, and try it until getting results.
Then we will see a new world and real challenges.
That's NIIKURA's work.

Development Engineer
Enrich our life with technology.
Development Engineer

Graduated from science and Engineering, department of mechanical engineering.
Born in Shizuoka Prefecture
Hobbies / How to spend holidays: Training of road bike, watching motor sport (at Fuji Speed Way), playing ukulele, shopping with my wife.