Production department
With this hand, transforming metal chunks
into products needed around the world.
With this hand, transforming metal chunks
into products needed around the world.

Aiming for being "lubricating oil" throughout the plant while enhancing my technical capabilities.

NIIKURA Products are made by processing metal.
My main responsible product is spray nozzle, product for plant, but since we also process marine products, it can be said that I am in charge of NIIKURA products in general.
Roughly formed "casting" is cut with an NC processing machine and shaped.
The process begins by computing the values and making them into coordinates, based on the dimensions in the drawing.
Then, the value is programmed in the NC processing machine.
Depending on the products, it takes about 1 hour to 2 hours in time.
Processing time is about 1 hour.
Careful work is a matter of course. I devise myself how to do it quickly.

It is difficult when challenging for the first time. Because it is difficult, it is rewarding and fun.

Even if we call "machining", we do not just scrape it out by leaving it on the machine.
Actually, knowledge and know-how of our engineers greatly influence the finish of the product and work efficiency.
For example, there are several types of blades to be used for cutting.
So, I decide a blade to make a beautiful finish and high work efficiency depending on the machining part.
When I did not understand well, senior staff often taught me and consulted.
It is greatly rewarding to realize that I am able to do better than I did the last time by investigating various things by myself and devising my own way.

I am currently challenging a totally different type of processing machine.
There are mainly two types of cutting machines.
NC machining machines and machine called "machining centers (MC)", each of which has its own specialized fields and different characteristics.
The NC processing machine performs cutting while rotating the product side, but the "machining center" moves the blade and processes it.
I am gradually learning work at this machining center.

It was hard to learn machining from a state of ignorance. I am still studying.
Cutting process is deep and I think that it will surely be a continuation of study.
But it is challenging because it is difficult. It is fun because there is new learning and discovery.
I joined NIIKURA and began to think so.

And now I am in a position to teach.

A business trip to a new business partner in Taiwan as an education manager.


We decided to outsource the manufacturing and processing of the parts that we are making inside the company,
and we were given the business trip to new suppliers in Taiwan last year and this year.
I have visited two suppliers three times so far. The first time, the parts of the shutoff valve, the spray nozzle for the second time, the mini drain plug for the third time.
The purpose is to visit the technical capabilities and facilities of the contractor and to educate local engineers.
NIIKURA products are evaluated for their high quality around the world.
It is no doubt that it was a big bet for our company because we partly consign it to overseas companies.
The president committed it to me in my third year of joining (then).
I made a technical point in advance to tell the technician of the subcontractor.
When explaining it actually on the ground, I tried to speak concisely with reasons.
It was because I heard that it is the most effective way to communicate with Taiwanese engineers.

Regardless of age, even young people can be entrusted to do anything. That is the greatest attraction of NIIKURA.
"I’ll do again it even if I fail once", such people can play an active role in this company.

I will never throw out.

Graduated from Information Systems Department
Born in Shizuoka prefecture
Hobbies / How to spend your holidays: Mountain climbing (Every year, I climb Mt. Fuji with members of volunteer.