Product Management Department, Quality Management Group
I want to make NIIKURA a company that everyone admires.
with hot heart, but cool for work.。
I want to make NIIKURA a company that everyone admires.
with hot heart, but cool for work.

The result can be changed only by the action which I did. That is my style of "What will be, will be".

The final fort for deciding the quality of products of NIIKURA 'product inspection'. It is my job to prove the quality by inspection.
I also witnessed inspections by members of the inspection group, and at first, we will conduct internal inspections.
Examine the items such as appearance, dimensions, leakage due to actuation and pressurization.
Some ship products require inspection certification by a special inspection agency for safe navigation.
The inspection is conducted under the inspector of the institution (classification) certifying the quality standard of the ship equipment,
and the product is sent out to the world only after passing the examination. A certificate of success is actually sent to the user who uses the ship, and finally they can go out for sailing in the world.

In addition, plant products are also subject to legal inspections of the user's witness inspection.
Users will visit for conducting witnesses inspections to see if NIIKURA products work properly, and prepare documents such as grades.
I also supports parts maintenance.
With a sense of responsibility, I will do every single job securely, tributing to the technology and progress that various seniors have built up.

Also a "doctor" of NIIKURA products wich play active role in harsh circumstances.

It is our turn to respond to problems.
When sales representative got complaint from a customer, investigate the problem of the product and think about countermeasures.
We collect the product to our company and verify, or often verify it by visiting customer. Customers may be angry, and if I do not know the cause of the problem, it is a difficult task that takes time and effort to investigate the cause.

NIIKURA products are actually on their ships, or on plants, in a very harsh situations.
Because they are being used by the hands of users, there ares a possibilities that trouble may occur with the lapse of time.
The sites where missing defects lead to a major accident.
It is only us all over the world that they can rely on such circumstances.

Motivation is that you can move to action right away, and is the consciousness "try first" without fearing for failure.


I think this job is a big responsible task.
They will leave it to the young employees like me if they have motivation. That is our company culture.
Even our employees are unlikely to see the site where products are actually being used after delivery.
However, in dealing with defects, I can visit their ships to see the sites where NIIKURA products are actually used.
You can listen to the voice of the users directly and experience something you can not understand with just the work inside the company.
For me who wants to work not only in Japan but also as a technician all over the world, this is a great challenge.
Perhaps, it may have been given such a role by the president's command of spreading insight more outside the company.

The president is a very hot person. I joined NIIKURA because my heart was shaken by hot words in the president's interview.
I think that it is a company that makes me feel such pleasure of working "I need you."
I want to make this company a company that everyone admires.
And in terms of work, salary and welfare, I want to make this company can make every employee happy. That is my goal.

What will be, will be.

Graduated from Faculty of Engineering, Department of Mechanical Systems Engineering
Born in Aomori Prefecture
How to spend your hobbies / holidays: Pokemon GO, basketball (play in a social team about 2 to 3 times a week)