Production Department, Weding Engineer
Responsible for welding the biggest products in NIIKURA. 
There were various twists and turns to reach there.
Responsible for welding the biggest products in NIIKURA.
There were various twists and turns to reach there.

I was working patiently when I was in charge of painting. Even then someone watched my work.

Actually I entered NIIKURA as a temporary employee. At first I was given the painting work.
I am in charge of the painting of small parts which can not be painted by machine.
After joining the company, I kept painting the same products everyday for 3 months. After that, although I becameto paint different products as well,
Becauseit was haed the properties of the paint are totally different, I could not paint properly at all.
Apray paint was also haed at the beginning.
I hate not being able to do it, every day I spent with the feeling that I want to get better somehow.

And six months later, "I want you to continue working with us." On the day of the termination of the contract, I finally became a NIIKURA employee.

"Would you like to do welding?", Challenge of the third year of my joining the company.

At that time, NIIKURA had a base in Fukushima as well and welding was done there,
but in the third year of my joining, we had to converge the Fukushima factory to the Gotemba factory and a turning point came to me again.
Because previously I wrote in a daily report that "Welding seemed interesting" when I saw the welding in the company's 20-minute lesson (*) ,
the president suddenly asked me "Would you like to do welding?".
From that day my new challenge days began.
I kept asking someone who was in charge of welding at the Fukushima factory and I try it, but I could not do exactly the same way.
"I could understand it, byt why can not I do it?" A series of such dilemmas.
The angle, the length of the protrusion (the part where the wire is coming out), the width of the weld ... ... must be constant at all times.
When I am wearing a light shielding mask (Face mask for protecting from welding light and splash), almost all parts except light are invisible.
"I hate not being able to do it," and this feeling became my driving force again.

Three years had past and I can hear the difference between good and bad by the sound of welding,
and the other day I had the NIIKURA's largest product (strainer, about 3m in height) welded,
The finish which is still much satisfactory is still about half of the whole.
Even with successive mistakes, I am really thankful for my seniors (master!) Who always taught me with a smile.
And also to the president who let us challenge various things by expecting our possibility.

* 20 minutes lesson: Efforts to deepen understanding and human relations of each department by visiting and experiencing the work of various departments in the company, using lunch break every Friday.

Both work and life, I want to have fun. A byproduct of my own curiosity.


With the story so far, you may think that I am a type who work steadily on the path.
Of course I also have such aspects, and in terms of work you should need such a side.
But actually I always think "Is there a way to make it easier, faster and nicely?"
When saying "easier", someone may think that means lazy?, but that's not the case.
I think that it is trying to find "a better way than now" and I think it is very important.

The other day, I thought, "Can I make it easier by preventing us to go to the tool holder many times during work?"
And I noticed that "It is efficient to bring frequently used tools to the workshop at the start," and began practicing.
Not only did it become easier to improve the efficiency of the work, but also began to be organized and connected to the safe.
That means killing three birds with one stone!
From now on, I would like to encourage efforts to get better than now and to become reliable beyond departments.

Fortune comes to a laughing gate

Graduated from general course
Born in Shizuoka prefecture
Hobbies / How to spend your holiday: Going out with colleagues and friends. Outdoors in general.