Sales Officer
I would like to increase “smile, motivation, rewarding” 
by making everyone’s job easier.
I would like to increase “smile, motivation, rewarding”
by making everyone’s job easier.

There is something I can do because it is a work to serve between person to person.

The tasks of sales officeer are to prepare documents for sales people, and to smoothly advance the production process after receiving the order.
Therefore, I am conscious of "doing at once".
Documents for order acceptance are of course not only estimates, but there are jobs such as placing paint product numbers according to customer's specifications in drawings.
After receiving the order, enter into the slip system based on the customer's order form and specification sheet, and make the sales summary.
Since all subsequent manufacturing and shipping processes are based on the entered slip, so to speak, it is the most upstream process. I can feel that it is indispensable.

Telephone reception is also an important task.
Since the sales person I am in charge is dedicated to after-sales service, sometimes I get a phone calling "I want it in hurry" from a customer who is urgent due to breakdown etc..
Although "basic lead time (delivery date)" has been decided according to the product, since customers are troubled etc., in many cases they are in a hurry.
In order to comply with their request as much as possible, I check the products stocked in the company to the purchasing department, and if they have them, I can speed up the delivery date accordingly,
or multiply the manufacturing department with the process adjustment and shorten the delivery date, they get very pleased.
A moment when such a time I feel like "It's rewarding".

The posture "I will try anyway" leads me to self-growth.

In my work, there is something other person in charge originally at the head office (Tokyo).
When I was in my third year, the office functions moved from the headquarters to the Fuji Gotemba plant, and I took over the work in one stroke.
At that time it was so busy that I did not have enough time to learn about the task, and because I was not used to it, I could not proceed the task well.
There was not anyone else to know at the Gotemba factory, but because this work is the most upstream of NIIKURA's work,
I was desperate so as not to disturb people in subsequent processes.

In this way, NIIKURA has a corporate culture that let young people try important tasks, I think that is a good point.
I'm thinking "let's do it anyway."

Motivation inspired by BBQ. What I learned was great.


Recently, I was in charge of maintenance of master data and data input for transferring internal company system to new system.
Initially it was scheduled to shift in about a half a year, but it was shortened in about 3 months,
In a tight schedule, Mr. Katsuura who was in charge of human resources also helped me, and I was able to successfully complete the transition.
"Let's go for BBQ when finished!", using that word as a source of mind.
I can not forget the taste of grilled meat at that time.

Through this experience, I began to think "how to make things easy, efficient, and accurate".
For example, until then, we e-mailed the PDF documents one by one, but after that, I uploaded them to the server and so that they can refer them.
By facilitating the work that took time and effort, I would like to make a company that
all employees can have more smile, motivations and rewards than ever as the quality of work has improved.

Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity

Graduate from general course
Born in Shizuoka prefecture
Hobbies / How to spend your holiday: Play with my cat (American short hair). Watching movies (especially action moviess)