Cutting Engineer
Sticking to the quality and the beauty of the products, but
being flexible to the way of working and the thinking.
Sticking to the quality and the beauty of the products, but being flexible to the way of working and the thinking.

Processing just a metal cylinder into a high-performance product that protects lives.

NIIKURA’s marine products are highly regarded around the world.
Not only the role of maintaining and improving the performance of the ship but also protecting the safety of mariners in case of emergency.
This is the NIIKURA marine product.

I am handling machining tools called NC lathe and cut just a bar of metal such as iron and stainless steel
with accuracy of 0.01mm, and producing NIIKURA's high-performance products.
Just a cylindrical metal will be in a beautiful state that glows shiny after processing.
This is a result with utilizing our experiences and know-hows.
Each one of the "commitment" to our products such as the way to program, selection of cutting tips (blades),
and setting of processing speed, makes "better products" shape.

If someone is in trouble, we help each other. It is goodness of NIIKURA.

Cutting Engineer

I was assigned to the sales office and have been in charge of sales support for land and plant products.
It is an important job that Depending on my support the higher sales results and higher performances can be achieved.
Not only regular business such as quotation creation and order form /slip processing,
but also irregular things happen almost every day ..., such as response to telephone inquiries and request for short delivery time.

So "visualization" of the day's work schedule has become useful.
By exporting and sharing the day's work in chronological order by everyone in the department
you can get supported by someone who can afford when an irregular situation happens.
Besides improving work efficiency, communications also became active. This is exactly killing two birds with one stone!

Cutting Engineer

We can work on with pride, because NIIKURA esteems each staff's own way of doing.

In machining, the steps that take the longest time are "programming" and "tool installation".
Since the tip (blade) is changed by the product's shape and material to be cut, we have to install and test the tool each time.
In order to avoid taking time for changing tools as much as possible, we process the products continuously those use the same tool.
Even if the order differs from the schedule, our thinking and the ways of process are esteemed, and we can process it flexibly.
That's why I can strive to make better products with commitment and pride in my work.

On the contrary, I try to think flexibly, and not to stick to the way of thinking.
If someone is doing a better way, I will try to adopt it without sticking to the previous way.

"I want to make better products", all staff have the same feeling, because we develop through friendly competition.

With all my might and laugh!
Cutting Engineer

Graduate from general course
Born in Shizuoka prefecture
Hobbies / How to spend holidays: eating delicious things (my favorite food is Ramen ), watching movies (suspense films)