Strategy: dominate land, sea and sky. Read the era and take the lead.
Strategy: dominate land, sea and sky.
Read the era and take the lead.

1. Control "Water".

Global environmental conservation measures are urgently needed worldwide, such as food problems and global warming.
By multiplying NIIKURA's "spray nozzle" and "strainer" technology, the possibility of mitigating such a problem widens.
It is a system that can spray water cleaned by a strainer with a spray nozzle.
Now this system has begun to bear fruit in various uses all over Japan.
We are also moving forward with footholds to the global expansion.
Let's contribute to the world environment with the latest technology.

2. Pioneering new energy

Do you know the word "Burnable Ice"?
It is the gas called "methane hydrate" that sleeps under the seafloor in the surrounding waters of Japan.
"Methane" is the main raw material of city gas, and "methane hydrate" is wrapped in water molecules.
This marine resource present in Japan where has been said to have poor resources is getting hot attention.
There is a possibility that the Shale gas revolution will occur in Japan.
It may not be long before NIIKURA's advanced valves and other technologies are utilized in this resource development field.

In addition, demand for fuel cells will increase from now.
The fuel used for fuel cells is "hydrogen".
NIIKURA has already delivered products for this difficult-to-handle hydrogen.
In the future, the advantage of NIIKURA products that will continue to advance will increase more and more.

3. To a 10-billion-yen company

We develop already robust marine products more globally.
We aim for sales of 10 billion yen by building a stronger ground with a new product group honing our original technologies.
Raising sales will lead to company growth and social contribution.
To be a "good company" for employees, customers and society,
we will make "a strong company to live forever".